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new album "scldd" coming out 17th of May

Right after a one year since my previous album #7dc8fa - I'm following up with a new one. Here is the artwork of it. Fancy right?

It's been a while since my latest release. Also it's been a while since my last update on my personal blog.. because.. my old website is now a history. This is really sad considering all the blog posts I had there. So once again, I'm going to start this again with good news. Release date of the "scldd" album is 17th of May 2019. I'm finally done mixing it and even that it is way shorter than my previous one - I believe you will enjoy listenning to it. I'm getting somehow better with mixing as well.. so :) Who knows! Maybe you will love the sound of it even more than I do. Hopefully..

Oh by the way! To spam with #tags a bit - I've made my twitter and instagram. Temporary.

Some previews are there :>

Here is the teaser which also is a track called "eureka" !!

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