konbanwa ~

“The faded vignettes of his childhood demonstrate a lifelong fascination with music. He views his life through an overlapping sequence of tracks and artists, all of these musical influences converging to create the Master Track of his present day self.” 

- Dean “Whodeani” Jones, best friend and mentor

 Roman Shkuratov (born June 7, 1992), better known by his artist name "enryoki", is a Russian electronic music producer and designer from Saint-Petersburg. He releases his music under his own label WEMU.

 His music can be attributed to genres like ambient, drone, experimental and techno. Most of his tracks include specific cosmic sounds, created by different synthesizers and patches, through his own hands.

 This solid, deep and warm sounding musical environment is one of the the key trademarks of this talented musician.

 enryoki is inspired by these great names like Jon Hallur (CCP Games "EVE Online" OST), Mike Morasky (Valve "Portal" OST), Alexei Zakharov (Egosoft's X-universe games OST). 

 Another main source of inspiration are big producers and musicians, along the lines of deadmau5, M83, Apparat, Daft Punk, Moby, Royksopp, Sigur Ros, Boards of Canada, Air and many more.

the timeline

Born 7th of June, 1992

  • 1998~2003 Was skiing with a pro team (big travelling influence)

  • 2006 I think I started my drawing/painting lessons somewhen here.

  • 2008~2009 Shuffling (dance) Learning filming and video editing .Also some funny hardstyle production attempts in FL Studio.

  • 2009 - 1st University (Industrial design) *failed* Here I also started learning about photography.

  • 2010~2011 (Army)

  • 2012 - 2nd University (Animation and Computer Graphics) *quit*

So I first started making music in 2012 (I believe), shortly after that I dropped out of university and started freelancing on the internet, making logos while learning how to write music. By that time I found deadmau5’s livestreams and quickly became his hardcore fan. There is where I learned all the basics about music production in a DAW (Ableton).

  • 28th of July 2015 - Management agreement with Dean, “Whodeani Enryoki Music Unlimited” (WEMU) label was founded.

  • 21th of April 2017 - Publishing agreement with Xelon Entertainment Pty Ltd.

  • Till nowadays I make music, release it under WEMU label and publish it through Xelon.

musical influences

  • 1992~2002 Old Russian electronic music, Scooter, ATB, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, MTV hits etc

  • 2002~2007 Strong influence from House music (Local Radio stations etc) / Alternative Rock / Punk Rock (Naruto AMVs LOL)

  • 2007~2010 Hardstyle, Hardtrance / Underground Hip-Hop

  • 2010~2012 Trance, Progressive House / Ambient / Experimental / Underground Hip-Hop

  • 2012 till nowadays its all sorts of stuff idk how to summ it together, i guess i just listen and analyze everything


Strongest inspirations for me are:

ATB, Paul Van Dyk, deadmau5, Daft Punk, Boards Of Canada, Air, Sigur Ros, Apparat, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories (Mike Morasky Valve’s Portal OST), Jon Hallur (CCP’s EVE Online OST), Alexei Zakharov (X-Universe Games OST), Royksopp, Kola Kid, C418, J.S. Bach

other influences

Street Dance, Skiing, Rollerblading, Filming & Photography, Digital Art, Music Production, Gaming, Anime

official releases


albums & eps


  • Missing World (2 Jun 2014, first released through Miocene Records, then rereleased through Xelon under WEMU)

  • It Used To Be A Childhood (19 Mar 2016 WEMU)


  • #7dc8fa (25 May 2018 WEMU)

  • scldd (17 May 2019 WEMU)

  • 2020rev (7 Jun 2020 WEMU)


singles & remixes


  • Flock Of Doves (23 Dec 2013 Audiokult)

  • Kid (30 Jun 2017 WEMU)

  • Ambientronic - Childhood Dreams ft. Addie (enryoki Remix) (28 Feb 2019 WEMU)

  • enryoki - Lilo & Stitch (Remix EP Version) (9 Aug 2019 WEMU)


unreleased works


albums & eps


  • Moments (soundcloud, bandcamp)

  • lullaby (bandcamp, torrents)

  • Real Virtuality (bandcamp, torrents)


singles & remixes


  • Lilo & Stitch - He Mele No Lilo (enryoki Remix) (youtube)

  • Hrid (youtube)

email for business enquiries: management@wemusicunlimited.com